Perfume Party Theme Ideas

  To make your party really memorable, why not add a perfume theme throughout. Here some ideas to get you started.

Here's some free invitation templates for you to use or adapt. You don't have to stick to age indicated, it's just a suggestion.

Perfume Bottle (11th) Swirls and Vines (12th) Reeds and Butterflies (12th)

Flowers and Pastels (13th) I Lied About the Zits (13th) The My Perfume Party Face (14th)

Sunset (14th) Pre-Prom Party (Prom) Kuwait City Fisher (11th)
Who Invited My Brother (15th) Girl and Flower (16th) Nothing Gross Like That (16th)

Citrus Shower: The citrus blend is sharp and slightly sour. First dip the rim of the glass in a bowl of sugar. Then start with lemonade (cloudy or clear), add a dash of lime (fresh squeezed), some crushed ice, and a dash of bitter lemon. Finish with a slice of lime.

Fruity Cup: The fruity blend is sweet and warm and touch exotic. Start with a fresh mango (or papaya) and mash or squeeze the juice out. Add a blob of mixed fruit (or strawberry or raspberry) jam then top-up with apple juice and fresh spring water in equal amounts and shake well to mix and warm. A leaf or two of fresh mint will finish this perfectly.

Balsamic Cream Dream: Our balsamic blend is a deep rich sumptuous vanilla. Take some vanilla ice cream, allow to melt a little and add vanilla essence to give a deep vanilla taste. Add some natural whole milk yoghurt and whisk or blend to finish. Sprinkle with chocolate powder.

Start with a plain sponge cake (baked or bought whichever your preference). Use icing sugar and water to create a white glaze and cover the cake. Before the icing sets, use this template (cut away the shaded pieces) to sprinkle on chocolate powder or hundreds and thousands or brown sugar. You might need someone to hold it juts above the cake whilst you sprinkle.

Or if you're feeling creative check this cake out from one of our parties.