13th Birthday invitation idea for my perfume party, poem OK I lied about the zits

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Girls 13th Birthday Perfume Party Invitation

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The text of this free to download 13th birthday party invitation runs as follows...

I'm having a birthday party
Another year over and done.
We're going to make perfume,
No wait, promise; This will be fun!

We get to sniff all sorts of oils, made from fragrant bits
Like jasmine, lilies, cinnamon, mosses, grass and zits
Ok I lied about the zits,
But mountain air and lemon trees,
Roses and vanilla seeds,
Tonics and then ambergrise
Salty drifts of ocean breeze,
Blackcurrant leaves and raspberries
Combine them all in fours and threes,
Or twos, or fives, or six.
You choose what you have or not
Mixed up in your perfume pot
Choose a name, "forget-me-not"?
Your perfume creation, for keeps.

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