16th Birthday invitation idea for my perfume party, perfume bottle, please come it will be fun creating and naming our own perfumes

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Girls 16th Birthday Perfume Party Invitation

Either print this, or copy & paste to Word to print, or download using the links above. In Word, if you set page margins (left & right) to 0.7cm, you'll get 2 invites per A4 page.

The text of this free to download 13th birthday party invitation runs as follows...

Dear: <friend>
Please come along to My Perfume Party to celebrate my birthday where we will be creating our very own unique perfumes.
The Place: <your address>
The Date: <party day and date and time, allow 2-3hrs for perfume event>
Perfume is a silken web, intricate, beautiful, laced with promise, delicate yet strong, complex but simple, entwined with passion, enchanting.
<birthday girl>
RSVP:<your contact details>

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