16th Birthday invitation idea for my perfume party, please come it will be fun creating and naming our own perfumes

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Girls 16th Birthday Perfume Party Invitation

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The text of this free to download 13th birthday party invitation runs as follows...

Dear: <friend>
Please come along to My Perfume Party to celebrate my birthday where we will be creating our very own unique perfumes.
The Place: <your address>
The Date: <party day and date and time, allow 2-3hrs for perfume event>
RSVP:<your contact details>
Iím having a birthday party all, itís going to be great, Youíre special, so youíre invited, ooh I so canít wait Ö I was thinking of going out for something to eat But Iíve now decided on a more unusual treat Weíre going to take some fragrance education And all go home with our own perfume creation! Thereís lots of oils from which pick and mix We smell them each on little sticks We have tongue of toad and ear of bat, No only kidding, nothing gross like that! Ozonics and Aldehydes are bright and clean Citrus oils whisper a Mediterranean dream Evening jasmine brims full of mystery Forest moss speaks of naturesí history The fragrance of a rose is loving and warm Heady floral brings on more of a storm Amber gives your perfume punch Fruity you could eat for lunch Sporty tonics are sharp and witty Delicate freesias are youthful and pretty Green for smells of spring cut grass Sumptuous vanilla for a touch of class Mix and match to your heartís content Then choose a name to represent Your own very personal signature scent.

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