One to One Perfume Experience

perfume design experience - create your own perfume If you prefer a more personal experience, then a one-to-one may be what your after...
  • the process is much the same as the perfume party but you come to us in our studio in Hook, Hampshire, just off the M3
  • you'll be guided through the perfume design experience as you sample all our wonderful fine fragrance perfume oils
  • you'll choose your personal favourites and start combining to create your own unique fragrance from the base blends (tens of millions of possible combinations)
  • we will help you all the way offering ideas and advice
  • you'll give your perfume a name and your choice of blends will be recorded
  • before you leave your consultant will make your perfume, bottle it, and it's ready for you to take away
  • ... and then you have your very own signature perfume

Prices from just 45 per 20ml. Book your one-to-one online