my perfume party, design your own perfume


Options and Prices

Choose a bottle from our selection of beautiful metallic pastel atomisers.
Choose how much perfume you want, our standard volumes are 20ml or 30ml, though we offer 15ml for under 18's parties.
Prices are just 30 for 20ml of your perfume, designed by you, in a beautiful and contemporary spray atomiser.
Perfume Party atomisers

30 for 20ml of our perfume in a chic metallic pastel atomiser

25 for 15ml (under 18s) in atomiser

50 for 30ml in a hand blown heavy crystal heart shaped decanter

perfume party heart decanter


create your own perfume


We also offer more personal one-one consultations or maybe you know someone who would love this as special gift. One-to-ones or gift experiences start from 45 (20ml atomiser). If this is of interest why not complete an enquiry form or email to find out more