create your own perfume


How would you like to earn money from arranging Perfume Parties?

perfume design
  • MyPerfumeParty will provide you with all the training you need.
    • you'll learn about perfume design,
    • about the 18 blends,
    • how to help your clients create their own fragrances,
    • how to make up the perfumes,
    • how to run parties that are both great fun and successful.
  • And you will receive leads from website and phone enquiries
  • And MyPerfumeParty will help you in techniques for finding party hosts
  • And provide you with suitable advertising templates
  • And you can choose when you work. As parties are usually in evenings/weekends, you can combine this with your day job or child care.
  • Its a great way to earn some extra cash and such fun with it.
Starter kits are available now, at a price of just 350+VAT for enough stock to make up to 700 of retail sales.
Alternatively we can train you to run or assist at parties on a per-party fee basis.