Perfume surprise - (c) Kurhan Fotalia 6152144 Just for Guys

Guys, this page is for you.

Take my word, this is a serious way to impress you girlfriend, wife, partner, that will earn you stacks of wonderful man points!

There's a number of ways you could impress your lady ...

  • You could book your lady a one-to-one design your own perfume experience. This is very personal, very special, and makes great anniversary or birthday present. Experiences are priced at 45.
  • Or organise a surprise perfume party for her! OK, now that takes a bit of organisation which were not renowned for are we boys? But then that makes it all the more amazing! You might get your/her mum or sister or her best friend to help round up some guests, and we can send you some invites to help things along. You just need to tidy the house, sort out a few nibbles and let us know the time and place. You can then nip down the golf course / poker night / lads weekend, with a clear conscience. Individual perfumes at a party cost from 30 (for 20ml in pastel atomiser) and you can prepay, if you wish, for your lady as a gift.
  • Or we have some lovely perfume gifts:- mix and match perfumed bath oils, decorative bottles, designer bottles, a nifty perfume pen, real perfume scented candles. Gifts are priced from 15 to 115 (plus p&p).

Girls (of any age) love perfume and rather than buy her a bottle of Chanel No.5, why not be a bit more inventive and get her a personal and thoughtful gift she will truly treasure.