Why Create Your Own Perfume?

There are many reasons why you may want to design your own fragrance.

You love perfume Great reason! And with the Perfume Studio system, you'll be able to create a fantastic perfume, that is especially yours.
Sounds like fun Sure is! A perfume party is amazing entertainment, everyone will have a great time playing perfume designer and you will be astonished at the beautiful scents you can create.
Recreate a favourite Well, as perfume formulae are tightly held secrets, and to recreate a fragrance is a mammoth task even for a master perfumer, possibly not, BUT you will be able to understand how a fragrance is made and to choose your favourite essences to create your very own classic perfume.
Something different Absolutely! Nothing quite like this, enter the world of the perfumer, a real workout for your sense of smell. You will be amazed how much you discover about combining and designing fragrances and how exciting it can be.
Need a girlie night Spot on. And a Perfume Party makes for an excellent laughter filled evening for your group of friends.
As a special gift Yes, very special. As well as parties we offer personal gift experiences from 45.