Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions about our fragrances and products. This is our attempt to answer some of the most popular questions for you!

Q: Can you make men’s fragrances? A: Absolutely. Our blends can be used in fragrances for both sexes, so male, female and unisex perfumes are all achievable.

Q: How many blends should I put in my fragrance? A: There is no right answer. Some people opt for just one or two, others for 8+. The average number is between 4 and 8. That way, you end up with something truly unique.

Q: Do I get an Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Eau de Parfam (EDP)? A: You actually get neither. You get a 20+% extrait strength perfume! EDTs typically have a perfume strength of 3%-8%, with EDPs having a strength of 8%-15%. Therefore you are getting the best quality possible at 20+% strength.

Q: Many high street fragrances smell differently on me. How will I know how the fragrance will smell on me? A: The acidity of an individual's skin can effect the way a fragrance smells on a person. However, as our fragrance are much stronger (over 20% compared to 5% with Eau de Toilettes) skin acidity affects to far a lesser degree.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of people to have when holding a perfume party? A: In a perfume party we can cope with as many as you can accommodate. If you want a party for under 5 people there is a consultation charge per person – this is down to the consultant if this is charged or not. If the party total is larger than 12 it is possible that more than one consultant will participate.

Q: How long does a perfume party last? A: This is dependent on how many people are attending and how “chatty” they are. As a general rule a party of 8 people can take up to 2 hours (this includes the perfumes being made up and given out). The more people per consultant takes longer.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my perfume once I have ordered at a party? A: Our aim is always to have each person leave with their perfume on the night. On occasion this might not be possible for everyone so the consultant will determine with the host who is priority.

Q: Are your fragrances suitable for children ? A: Our fragrances are suitable for children however anyone under the age of 13 we do ask for parental consent.

Q: How long will the perfume last on me ? A: Depending on the composition it can be anywhere between 6 – 18 hours .

Q: How should I apply or wear my perfume. A: We recommend to spray a mist in front of you and walk into it. Don't rub perfume on, this breaks the sticky bonds and your perfume will not last as long. For best results layer your fragrances by using bath or body oils with similar fragrance, before applying your main perfume.

Q: Can I get a refill of my fragrance? A:  Definitely. We keep a record of your composition in our files. You can contact us to get a refill at any time.

Q: Can you re-create a brand perfume? A: Unfortunately not. The recipes for perfumes are closely guarded secrets and to re-create them would be very difficult. Even if were able to, there is copyright on the branded ones. However if you come knowing what you like, we can often advise elements that give you a similar fragrance on which to base your custom design.

Q: I am pregnant, will that affect my judgement in making a fragrance ? A: Yes is the short answer. You are likely to “behave” in the same way to perfume as you do food and drinks. Exactly the same to any fragrance you might come across.

Q: I am allergic to perfume but still want to create my own signature fragrance. Can I? A: As our general rule we do not recommend anyone with allergies to perfumes to participate in a perfume making session. However if this is your desire you will need to sign a disclaimer that you take responsibility and are in agreement that you have been advised not to undertake this process.


Q: As I don’t wear perfume is there any point in me trying to create a perfume of my own? A: Absolutely. The chances are that you don’t like something particular in many popular high street perfumes and this way you can be in charge of what goes in and what is left out.

Q: Can I have my own branding (name) on the bottle? A: We do not offer a branding service or your perfume name on the atomiser or bottle. You could have it engraved by your local engraver, costs are usually £10-£20.